Shoes for Zumba – Premium Workout Shoes

Now you can get Zumba shoes that will give you a huge advantage during your next fitness dance class.  We know that’s a bold statement, but this workout shoe has so many outstanding features that it’s hard to review them all.  If you’ve spent any time in a Zumba dance class, you know that you must have footwear that gives your feet the freedom to move, slide, glide and pivot with ease.  This shoe will do all of that… and more.

UPDATE:  This style runs “slightly” small.  Consider ordering a half size larger than your normal athletic footwear if you think you might need the extra length for your feet.

So, what brand and style of zumba shoes are we talking about?  It’s the Ryka Studio Flex Low, a fantastic cross trainer with ultra lightweight construction.  You see, most athletic footwear has soles that produce too much traction.  We’re talking about shoes designed for running, aerobics or tennis, or any sport where the bottom of the shoes need to grip the surface tightly to help the athlete perform well.  That just doesn’t work for Zumba fitness workouts.  The wrong shoes can cause pain in your feet, knees and hips.  You need a special pair of sneakers with soles that offer less traction.  And when you find such a shoe, you’ll have outstanding footwear that lets you perform your very best as you spin and turn and dance to the sounds of Latin music.

UPDATE:  Many of you have asked about Nike cross trainers. In response, we’re looking at the Nike Musique IV as zumba shoes that have possibility. There are two features related to this style that strike us as important.

First, these are NOT wide width shoes. But, if you’re a fitness dancer whose foot requires narrow to regular widths, then these sneakers might be suitable for you (and you might need a larger size as well). The second characteristic we noted is that it will take a week or two to break them in. Many reviews confirm that they might feel “different” in the beginning. But, after you’ve worn them to your Zumba class a few times, they’ll feel much more comfortable. And the tightness from the narrow sizing should begin to diminish too. We’ll continue to monitor these for their suitability for dance workouts including aerobics, kickboxing, jazzercise and more.

Zumba Shoes Are Not the Same as Running Shoes

As an alternative, we also recommend the Ryka Studio D, another great pair of Zumba dancing shoes.  Our preference is for the Studio Flex Low however, because it has better support for your feet compared to the Studio D.  Don’t forget you can always add a gel insert if you want even more cushioning.

We also wanted to remind you that we will review a new dvd that takes you through several dance fitness routines so you can put your new Zumba shoes to the test.

But before we go on, we should mention a few things about this amazing brand.  Since 1987, the Ryka company has been dedicated to designing extraordinary athletic footwear for the specific purpose of matching their product to the exact shape of a woman’s foot.  And they consistently produce shoes that get rave reviews.

Right now you can order these in black with steel grey accent colors which is our favorite.  And for a change of pace, you’ll also find them available in white with colors of silver and blue.  In fact, consider getting the white version as a second pair since it’s a good idea to let your primary pair “rest” occasionally, just like runners do.  Your workout shoes will last longer if you keep them in your clothes closet once a week and wear a different pair instead.

When a woman slips her foot into these Zumba shoes, she’ll be delighted with the wide toe box and narrow heel that hugs her ankle to give her a secure, stable fit.  The extra room in the forefoot area helps solve the problem of “numb toes” that some women experience during a typical dance class.  The numbness in the toes is almost always caused by wearing the wrong type or size of workout shoes.  The Studio Flex Low provides the additional space in the toe box that prevents this common toe problem that many women suffer with.  And if you have  inflamed nerves or neuroma in your feet, this is the shoe you’ll want to wear.  It’s vital that you wear the right pair of zumba shoes when you go to the gym.

But what if you need wide width shoes for zumba dance?  Well, this may be the one for you.  Although it does not come in wide widths DD or EE, the very design makes it appealing to ladies who need a wide fitting shoe.  Why?  Because of the beneficial larger toe box.  It gives you extra room across the top of the feet and toes where some women need it most.

So, if you’ve never worn Zumba shoes like these, you’ll be amazed at the huge difference they make.   The Ryka Studio Flex Low will instantly improve your dance movements.  You’ll burn more calories and have more fun than ever while dancing to Beto’s salsa music.