Shoes for Zumba Classes

Anyone shopping for entry level Zumba dance shoes should certainly consider this entry from Ryka “Studio D”, fitness dancing footwear.  This is a solid workout shoe, especially if you are just starting in your zumba exercise classes.  If you’ve been wearing an  old pair of tennis shoes or other court style footwear, you’ll quickly notice how much better the Studio D is.  And if you’ve not yet experienced the fun of dancing and moving to the Latin music in one of Beto’s salsa style workout classes, you’ll want to pay attention to this.  You’ve got to have the right shoes for zumba.  Trust us on this one.

You must be able to easily spin, turn and pivot without excess friction on the bottom of your shoe soles.  The Ryka zumba dance shoes are among the top brands in this area.  There are other footwear makers that offer excellent products which we will discuss at length elsewhere on this site.  But for now, let’s stick with the Ryka, a style that is custom made for a woman’s foot.  Yep, women’s feet have their own basic shape that is different from men’s.  And all of the Ryka footwear uses this concept to make outstanding athletic sneakers.

And the Studio D is so versatile that it can be worn for Jazzercise, aerobics, cardio kickboxing or fitness walking.  Many people have noticed a reduction in their heel or knee pain during their dance class.  No guarantees, but wearing the correct style of shoe definitely helps.  You can use your own orthotic insert if needed.  In fact, if we could change just one thing, we’d suggest they build in more support and cushioning for this particular model.  We think the Ryka “Studio Flex Low” has a little more cushioning.  But if you go with the “Studio D”, you could add your own gel inserts to help out.

So if you want to have more fun at your next class, consider wearing these Zumba dance shoes.  The Ryka Studio D is a fine beginning shoe.  And it’s so much better than wearing an old pair of running shoes that will only hinder your workout moves.  Join the fun.