When athletes hear the phrase workout shoes, several thoughts come to mind.  Maybe your passion is dance fitness and you want to find the top performance zumba shoes.  Or you might want to know where you can find rocker shoes to shape up and tone your legs.  You see, it all depends on the sport or physical activity you’re involved with.  Men and women can find sport shoes for running, walking, strength training or body toning.

We’ve rounded up a comprehensive collection of some of the best “workout sneakers” your feet will ever wear.  Why?  Because it’s critical to match the correct footwear with your particular recreation.  We’ll uncover the latest news to bring you some fantastic shoe ratings, popular reviews, and special offers.  And we’ll also try to point you to online stores that can be trusted and who you should to stay away from.  Let us guide you to some of the finest workout shoes, zumba shoes and more available online now.  You’ll find additional cardio workouts at exercise.about.com.

Zumba Shoes Launching More Effective Styles for Dance Class

Some of our more recent comments have reviews about Zumba shoes.  One of our favorites targets the Ryka “Transition”, Zumba shoes for women.  This fitness footwear seems to perform better on a hardwood floor.  A few women noted that they don’t function quite as well on a surface made of carpet or hard rubber.  So consider the type of floor when you go to your next zumba dance class.  The Ryka Transition could use an upgraded insert for added support.  Of course, you can easily replace it with a better insole to give your feet more cushioning.  Just search any of the popular online shops for insoles.  The “Transition” is a fine shoe, but we seem to always compare any new shoe against the reliable Ryka Studio series of Zumba shoes.